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Thursday, November 14, 2019

5 Elements of the Sales Process

It looks great on paper the sales process.  In the real world it's somewhat more fluid...dare I say chaotic!  Despite your best laid plans, leads, suspects, prospects and customers don't behave in a linear manner.  It's's reality!  Use a CRM to keep on top of all activities of the sales process is one piece of advice I give frequently.  The other is to be ready to overcome objections...the obstacles to closing the sale and keeping your customers happy!

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Chris Morales
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

How to Succeed in Social Selling

What is Social Selling?  I like this definition from Hubspot:
Social selling is the art of using social networks to find, connect with, understand, and nurture sales prospects. It’s the modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers that keep you—and your brand—front of mind, so you’re the natural first point of contact when a prospect is ready to buy.
While Social Selling may never replace Cold Calls, it has the power to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue.  It leverages online networks such as LinkedIn to find prospects who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. As you build trust with these prospects, they begin to see how a business relationship with you will benefit them...and their customers!

Friday, December 7, 2018

How to reach the B2B Market with Social Selling

The average salesperson spends 50% of their time in unproductive activities.  Administration, traveling, responding to emails. The percentage drops to 35% for high performers.  They achieve that by staying focused on high-value activities, evaluating prospects more effectively and leveraging technology.  One strategy that aids in all levels of the prospecting process is Social Selling.  That's the art and science of using social networks to do research to be relevant to build relationships that drive revenue.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How Content Generates Leads

Return On Investment (ROI) and Return on Marketing Invenstment (ROMI) are deeply ingrained now in the Marketing lexicon.  It was always like in the Direct Marketing days...pre-digital marketing.  Now that same ROI expectation has been applied to all marketing activities.  CEO's now demand that their CMO's forecast's not good enough to talk the Brand Awareness Story.  

In many companies still Marketing (creating demand) is separate from Sales (making money). Digital Marketing marries the two:  Content created by Marketing (blogs, white papers, marketing communication, etc.) can be shared by the Sales Rep who wants to use Social Media more effectively.  Here's an infographic that illustrates how that can be done: 

I work with companies that want to improve the effectiveness of their entire marketing and sales operation. I help them find digital marketing experts who know how to create and deploy content;  I help them find and train Sales Reps who know how to take advantage of Social Media.  

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