Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Running Easy Again

Whoa...I didn't notice my last run!  After over 3 years of nagging and repeated foot injuries I've had the most uneventful runs over the last week. I've just been running.

Fox Lake, Huntsville
I first noticed this while on vacation at Fox Lake in Muskoka a couple of weeks ago.  The Cottage road in from the highway road was nicely hard packed gravel with a lot of tree cover.  It felt like running through a green tunnel.  There were frequent turns and lots of quick ups-and-downs to keep things interesting.

And there were no cars...I didn't meet one in four days. I cut apexes with glee!

I only ever saw one other person on the road and that was on Saturday morning, our final vacation day.  And of course it was a runner!

Back home I've been out on my usual early morning runs and the easy running has continued.  I have no idea how fast I've been running and frankly haven't given it much thought.  I come back thoroughly soaked and happily exhausted though.

And no pain.  More importantly, no thinking about pain.  I don't want to jinx it but running is fun again!  Vacation change of scenery, new shoes, running for fun...can't pinpoint one thing...probably everything has contributed to running easy once again.

So if you see me on the roads of Etobicoke you'll have no trouble recognizing ThatRunninGuy:  I'll be grinning ear-to-ear.

Oh, one more shot of 'Our Lake' in Muskoka:

Until next time...

Monday, September 29, 2014

S.E.X. Sells! Part 1

We all do it...Selling is the heart of business and commerce. In the B2B world of Marketing and Media Sales:  Getting the customer to 'Buy' the Creative/Campaign/Media Plan;  in B2C:  Awareness, Consideration, Preference and of course Buying the product or service!  

In this week's guest post, Sales Professional Michael Pennock, ESQ, tells us why the 'S' of Selling is so important.  Pennock is a successful sales professional who has recruited, trained and managed Direct Sales Teams for over 5 years.  This is Part 1 of 3: Sex Sells...and it all starts with a Smile:

SEX Sells 
This is the truest statement in any marketing and sales environment.  Why wouldnt it be?  SEX is great, and if it felt like cutting your hand off, nobody would want any part of it. 
But SEX is the first step to closing any sale.  Let me explain.   
Yes, some gorgeous model accompanying you on your sales call would certainly help close every sale you go on.  But I assure you, the moment you walk into any meeting,  you have all the SEX needed to get the deal done. 
First, SMILE, its contagious.   Have you ever tried to not smile while looking at someone else smiling?  Its like trying to keep your eyes open when you sneeze. You can't do it.   Your smile will help ease the tension and keep the atmosphere comfortable. 
Now, keep smilig.  Whatever happens, that smile should not leave your face.  I don't mean that you should sit there and grin like an idiot, but a comfortable smile throughout your presentation will help build your relationship with your customers and keep what can be a tense situation,  nice and relaxed.
Now let's practice.  It may seem funny, but seriously,  practice your smile. Practice it until you have to make a conscious decision to not smile.  Your smile is the first thing a prospective customer will see from you, and a great smile will be the foundation to a positive first impression. 
So, let's rehash.  Start with a smile. Keep smiling. Then keep smiling more. It will make the difference between a sales called, and a sale closed.
Until next time...
Chris Morales

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Running in Muskoka

After way too many years Sally and I took our first vacation together last week in Muskoka.  Fox Lake just outside of Huntsville to be precise.  And what a week we had.  While the weather was cool, we had multiple glorious days of sunshine to enjoy the outdoorsy things that we can't do in our Apartment in the City:
  • Grilling Steaks, Vegetables and Sausages on the BBQ! I got to cook raw meat over an open flame!
  • Sitting on the dock with Sally drinking wine and enjoying the sunset!!
  • Going for walks in the woods with Sally and Tia the City Dog who really took to this Cottaging Lifestyle.
  • Sitting reading in front of the Fireplace looking out the huge picture windows over the calm as glass lake.
As a runner the highlight were the early morning runs.  OK, I went out a little later than normal...Hey, it's a vacation after all.  The cool, crisp absolutely clean air was intoxicating.  This photo was typical of the roads/trails I ran on.

Along my regular running route I was often able to catch glimpses of Fox Lake:

Back home now.  Vacation way too short.  Absolutely fabulous time.  Recharged and raring to go once again.

Until next time...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Content Marketing Explained

In the 'Good Old Days' it was about 'Awareness, Consideration, Preference'.  'AD' or 'After Digital' it's the same.  Marketing practitioners need to know how to connect with their target customes emotionally...Content Marketing steps up to the plate.  Here's a visual that explains how Content Marketing  works:

Clients are now competing with Advertising Agencies to find and hire talented Digital Marketing people who know how to integrate Content Marketing into their business.  Contact me if you're looking for this Talent.

Until next time...
Chris Morales

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Professional Sports Suck: A Rant!

I'm sickened by the NFL.  Not just because a Professional Athlete hit his wife...and knocked her out!! That's awful.  What's worse is that everyone lied and covered it up.

I'm done with the NFL.

But it's not just the National Football League:
  • In the NHL fighting is condoned.  What?  For someone who admittedly did not grow up with the 'love of hockey' actually saying that 'fighting is part of the game of trying to put a puck in a net" makes no sense.  How about, "Score goals".  I was never really into Hockey so easy to be done with the NHL.
  • Soccer or 'Real Football'.  What a disgrace at the recently held World Cup:  One player bit another player.  On the field.  During a match!  Think about that:  A professional Athlete during a game where the objective is to put the ball into the net stopped to take a bite out of another player.  Done with Soccer/Footie as well.
  • Bicycle Racing.  They do drugs.  They lie about it.  Repeatedly.  I like cycling so it was harder to be done with it but I'm done with professional bicycle racing.
  • Auto Racing. This is harder since I love Formula One. In  all forms of professional auto racing they cheat.  All the time.  Then recently they kill one another right on the track.  And it's OK! Done with professional auto racing.
  • Running.  The purest of all sports and the hardest of all for me give up.  It sucks when professional runners do performance enhancing drugs, lie about it then beg forgiveness when caught. Pan Am games coming up in Toronto in 2015...not going or watching;  Forget the Olympics in 2016.  Done and Done!
Here's my suggestion to fix all these problems:  Allow professional athletes to use any drug they wish beat on anyone they want to.  In fact encourage it...Stop trying to police it or stop it.  At some point we will stop being interested and that will hit them where it hurts:  in the pocketbook.  People will stop going to the games venues, stop watching on TV, stop streaming on their Tablets and Smartphones.  When the revenue dries up then and only then will any real change happen in Professional sports.  I'm doing my part starting now.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamaican Drum Chicken at Rasta Pasta

Am I in Jamaica at Reggae Marathon?

The weather certainly was tropical when we came upon Rasta Pasta recently in Kensington Market in Toronto.  Kensington Market has been a unique and well loved area of Toronto for many, many years.  Very 'ethnic' in it's origins, it has remained so as the demographics of the city have changed.  What has remained the same is the variety of restaurants and cafes serving an eclectic variety of food from around the world.  You can find Spanish, Asian and of course Jamaican.  The Patty King serving the 'best Jamaican patties', a tiny Jamaican store that could have been transported from any Jamaican small rural town to this place, Rasta Pasta...all within a hundred metres of each other and all doing brisk business.

If you are a Reggae Marathoner then you are familiar with 'Rasta Pasta' at the Pasta Party Friday night before the Saturday race.  In Negril no one has to explain what 'Rasta Pasta' means so it was interesting to see the description below the sign on the door.

What Rasta Pasta also offers up is a very tasty super authentic Drum Chicken meal.  Served in the obligatory white clamshell container.  For $5 you get a leg quarter chopped expertly into 3 pieces served over steamed vegetables and 'Rice and Peas' (OK, not peas but beans...old habits die hard). It's topped off with a tasty, not too hot Jerk-style sauce. Sally and I dug into our meals with abandon.  Delicious!

Ackee and Saltfish was also on the menu.  We were stuffed though and couldn't sample that delicious menu item...further sampling will have to wait for a return trip.

So if you haven't figured it out by now, this has nothing to do with running in Toronto...but everything to do with the upcoming Reggae Marathon on December 6 in Negril, Jamaica.

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Running Commando in my new Puma Running Shoes

Nothing comes between me and my...Puma Faas 1000 running shoes!

Last week I wrote about how I tried to impress the new running shoes when I went out on my first run. After trying a couple pairs of running socks, Pumas of course, I decided to go commando:  No socks just bare feet in the shoes.  Wow, what a difference!  It's as if these Pumas were designed for naked feet.  I've run without socks before and have suffered blisters and stinky shoes.  No blisters yet and the jury is out on the stinky shoes but my recent runs (up to about an hour) have been really comfortable.

So, socks or no socks?  I'm going to stick with the no socks experience for now.  See, even Tia agrees with running commando:
Running Commando in my Puma Faas 1000 Running Shoes
Until next time...