Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Professional Sports Suck: A Rant!

I'm sickened by the NFL.  Not just because a Professional Athlete hit his wife...and knocked her out!! That's awful.  What's worse is that everyone lied and covered it up.

I'm done with the NFL.

But it's not just the National Football League:
  • In the NHL fighting is condoned.  What?  For someone who admittedly did not grow up with the 'love of hockey' actually saying that 'fighting is part of the game of trying to put a puck in a net" makes no sense.  How about, "Score goals".  I was never really into Hockey so easy to be done with the NHL.
  • Soccer or 'Real Football'.  What a disgrace at the recently held World Cup:  One player bit another player.  On the field.  During a match!  Think about that:  A professional Athlete during a game where the objective is to put the ball into the net stopped to take a bite out of another player.  Done with Soccer/Footie as well.
  • Bicycle Racing.  They do drugs.  They lie about it.  Repeatedly.  I like cycling so it was harder to be done with it but I'm done with professional bicycle racing.
  • Auto Racing. This is harder since I love Formula One. In  all forms of professional auto racing they cheat.  All the time.  Then recently they kill one another right on the track.  And it's OK! Done with professional auto racing.
  • Running.  The purest of all sports and the hardest of all for me give up.  It sucks when professional runners do performance enhancing drugs, lie about it then beg forgiveness when caught. Pan Am games coming up in Toronto in 2015...not going or watching;  Forget the Olympics in 2016.  Done and Done!
Here's my suggestion to fix all these problems:  Allow professional athletes to use any drug they wish beat on anyone they want to.  In fact encourage it...Stop trying to police it or stop it.  At some point we will stop being interested and that will hit them where it hurts:  in the pocketbook.  People will stop going to the games venues, stop watching on TV, stop streaming on their Tablets and Smartphones.  When the revenue dries up then and only then will any real change happen in Professional sports.  I'm doing my part starting now.

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