Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jamaican Drum Chicken at Rasta Pasta

Am I in Jamaica at Reggae Marathon?

The weather certainly was tropical when we came upon Rasta Pasta recently in Kensington Market in Toronto.  Kensington Market has been a unique and well loved area of Toronto for many, many years.  Very 'ethnic' in it's origins, it has remained so as the demographics of the city have changed.  What has remained the same is the variety of restaurants and cafes serving an eclectic variety of food from around the world.  You can find Spanish, Asian and of course Jamaican.  The Patty King serving the 'best Jamaican patties', a tiny Jamaican store that could have been transported from any Jamaican small rural town to this place, Rasta Pasta...all within a hundred metres of each other and all doing brisk business.

If you are a Reggae Marathoner then you are familiar with 'Rasta Pasta' at the Pasta Party Friday night before the Saturday race.  In Negril no one has to explain what 'Rasta Pasta' means so it was interesting to see the description below the sign on the door.

What Rasta Pasta also offers up is a very tasty super authentic Drum Chicken meal.  Served in the obligatory white clamshell container.  For $5 you get a leg quarter chopped expertly into 3 pieces served over steamed vegetables and 'Rice and Peas' (OK, not peas but beans...old habits die hard). It's topped off with a tasty, not too hot Jerk-style sauce. Sally and I dug into our meals with abandon.  Delicious!

Ackee and Saltfish was also on the menu.  We were stuffed though and couldn't sample that delicious menu item...further sampling will have to wait for a return trip.

So if you haven't figured it out by now, this has nothing to do with running in Toronto...but everything to do with the upcoming Reggae Marathon on December 6 in Negril, Jamaica.

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