Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Running Easy Again

Whoa...I didn't notice my last run!  After over 3 years of nagging and repeated foot injuries I've had the most uneventful runs over the last week. I've just been running.

Fox Lake, Huntsville
I first noticed this while on vacation at Fox Lake in Muskoka a couple of weeks ago.  The Cottage road in from the highway road was nicely hard packed gravel with a lot of tree cover.  It felt like running through a green tunnel.  There were frequent turns and lots of quick ups-and-downs to keep things interesting.

And there were no cars...I didn't meet one in four days. I cut apexes with glee!

I only ever saw one other person on the road and that was on Saturday morning, our final vacation day.  And of course it was a runner!

Back home I've been out on my usual early morning runs and the easy running has continued.  I have no idea how fast I've been running and frankly haven't given it much thought.  I come back thoroughly soaked and happily exhausted though.

And no pain.  More importantly, no thinking about pain.  I don't want to jinx it but running is fun again!  Vacation change of scenery, new shoes, running for fun...can't pinpoint one thing...probably everything has contributed to running easy once again.

So if you see me on the roads of Etobicoke you'll have no trouble recognizing ThatRunninGuy:  I'll be grinning ear-to-ear.

Oh, one more shot of 'Our Lake' in Muskoka:

Until next time...

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