Monday, October 6, 2014

Advertising Agency Account Guy 3.0

Two-Martini Lunches, long alcohol-fueled Client dinners:  just a couple of the job requirements of the Account Executive 1.0 as portrayed by Mad Men. "Wow...what a great job!"

Writing decks, lugging the Art Boards to the Client Presentations as 'Bag Men'...Account Executive 2.0 job requirements.  "Ugh...not so much fun but my Liver is thankful".

Now in the post-digital world, Account Executive job requirements have shifted once again. And again for the better.  The top Account Executive 3.0 Professional must be able to perform all of the following, ideally without breaking a sweat:
  • Knowledge of all forms of marketing communication:  Television, Print, Radio, Outdoor and Digital.  Within Digital, Web sites, Advertising, Search and Social Media, Experiential, Direct Response.  Whew...
  • Project Management:  In this age of non-AOR Client/Agency Relations, it is vitally important that Account Executives 'Always be Selling'.  This while working with Client Marketing and multiple Creative/Event/Digital/Media Agencies
  • Strategy:  Interpret the Client Marketing Objectives to develop the Project Plans that integrate and coordinate all media channels and marketing/advertising activities
  • People Management:  Mentor, guide and direct juniors in work and career
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