Tuesday, October 7, 2014

S.E.X.Sells! Part 2

"The eyes have it!"

Stripped down to the basics, people like to talk to other people.  And despite email, telephone and web sites, they like to do it face-to-face.  Successful sales people embrace that.  

In Part 2 of S.E.X. Sells!, Pennock_ESQ shares more of his thoughts and experience in direct selling:
So, in SEX Sells, Part 1 we went over our smile.  Have you been practicing?  Because a great smile is just the beginning of SEX.
Next, we need to remember our eye contact.  This is the most important part of SEX. 
You don't want to be that creepy person who is always smiling but always looking around.Strong eye contact is important for 3 reasons.   The first, is it establishes your relationship.  When meeting with your prospective customer, maintaining your eye contact builds trust.  What you are saying will be taken more seriously and show to your customer that you have their best interests at heart. 
The second reason to maintain eye contact is to take control of the situation.   Strong eye contact shows that your time is just as valuable as the customers,  and they need to act accordingly.   
The final reason to maintain strong eye contact is because this is where you will find your first buying signs.   The eyes are the windows to the soul, and if you pay attention,  they will tell you when you should close. If their eyes light up, the deal is done.  If they break eye contact, they are starting to think about whether they need the product or not. Start to close. If you are in a tough negotiation,  the more they blink, the more likely it is you are winning. 
Now, lets rehash.  Your smile will build your relationship,  establish control of the situation and know when the time is right to close. 
So, don't blink.  You might just miss your next sale.
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