Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Running in Muskoka

After way too many years Sally and I took our first vacation together last week in Muskoka.  Fox Lake just outside of Huntsville to be precise.  And what a week we had.  While the weather was cool, we had multiple glorious days of sunshine to enjoy the outdoorsy things that we can't do in our Apartment in the City:
  • Grilling Steaks, Vegetables and Sausages on the BBQ! I got to cook raw meat over an open flame!
  • Sitting on the dock with Sally drinking wine and enjoying the sunset!!
  • Going for walks in the woods with Sally and Tia the City Dog who really took to this Cottaging Lifestyle.
  • Sitting reading in front of the Fireplace looking out the huge picture windows over the calm as glass lake.
As a runner the highlight were the early morning runs.  OK, I went out a little later than normal...Hey, it's a vacation after all.  The cool, crisp absolutely clean air was intoxicating.  This photo was typical of the roads/trails I ran on.

Along my regular running route I was often able to catch glimpses of Fox Lake:

Back home now.  Vacation way too short.  Absolutely fabulous time.  Recharged and raring to go once again.

Until next time...

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