Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Running Last Week

It was cold and I caught a cold.  No running for me last week.

Sad Face, Sad Face!

Early last week with the forecast frigid deep freeze temperatures forecast, I planned a couple days of no running.  Alas that turned into a full week of no running when I caught a nasty cold.  What I though was just a mild head cold morphed into drippy eyes that had me to the doctor seeking medication.

Thankfully the doctor visit was short:  cold, not flu;  compounded by my sinus alergies;  drippy eyes viral not bacterial.  Treatment:  new allergy medication, saline nasal cleanse, eye drops and ... no running.  It seems that physical exertion negatively affects the body's ability to fight infections.  And I thought going out for a run helped 'sweat it out'.  Who knew?  Lots of people apparently including Sally who had a heck of a time not saying "I told you so!" (I think she said it in her mind though).

Symptoms all gone now and I was out for my first run this morning.

Happy Face, Happy Face!!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Running goal: The Negative Split

Navin, #418 after completing his Negative Split at
Reggae Marathon
I blame it on Navin.  In a nice way of course.

Back in December at Reggae Marathon he not only burned up the full Marathon in a time nearly 20 minutes under his target time (we barely made it back to catch his finish) but he achieved the runner's dream of running a negative split for the second half of the race.

The negative split is when you run the second half of the race faster than the first half.  Yes, this is as hard as it sounds, especially in an event as long as the 26.3 miles of a Marathon and and really challenging in a warm weather run such as Reggae Marathon.  And Navin did it with a smile on his face and with barely a sweat. He even had enough energy to walk the mile along the beach back to our hotel chatting all the way.  A machine!

So that's the target for my first race this year, the Sporting Life 10K on May 11 in Toronto:  run the second half faster than the first. It's something I routinely did back in the peak of my 10K racing days. My trusty Timex Ironman watch tracked the 5 km split quite nicely.  I realize this is 'Old School' what with everyone using Garmin's with heart monitors, but I like the I recently upgraded to a brand new Ironman watch.  Back then it was in the Q 107/Coors Lite 10K running series that ran every summer for years.  The irony of a beer company sponsoring a running series was not lost on us...unfortunately given the liquor laws of Ontario there was no 'Cold One' waiting for us at the finish.  But I digress...

Here's the twist in the Sporting Life 10K when it comes to the Negative Split:  its downhill for the first 6 km's before flattening out for the final 4 km push to the finish.  Do I sandbag it for the first half saving myself for the flat finish?  Do I let gravity do it's work for the first half hoping to have something left in the tank to go faster on the flat?  Is achieving a Negative Split just a crazy pipe-dream for the Sporting Life 10K?  All that will be answered on May 11.

If you're interested in how to run a negative split, check out this article from Runner's World:  The benefits of a Negative Split.  

I'm totally focused on "The Negative" now.  Thanks Navin :)

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bummed out over the cold

I'm a wimp!

Well, I was a wimp last week during the ridiculously crazy combination of snow, ice, frigid temperatures we endured in Toronto.  I didn't go running for 3 days!  I almost drove myself crazy...pretty sure Sally was happy I got out on Thursday morning even though it was still 'well below freezing'.  No, I did not enjoy the 'time off' one bit.  I do like my early morning pre-dawn runs.

I thought about heading to the gym.  Without a membership that wasn't an option.  Plus we don't have anything convenient near our place.

Also thought about going swimming.  Only for a minute though...driving on icy roads at 5:30 am to hit the Etobicoke Centenial Pool had me shuddering too much.  The thought of stripping down to bathing suit and swimming in water with ice and -40 C feet away wasn't so appealing.

Skipping rope!  That was an idea...not a good one unfortunately when we live in an apartment.  Solid concrete floors but the neighbours below would have not been pleased at 5 am.

In the end I settled for re-starting my pushup and sit up routine.  Not the same as running but strengthening the core is a great way to improve overall fitness.  Thankfully though I got out for a run on Thursday morning. The icy cold air and still slippery sidewalks worked to keep me focused on running:  left, right; left right!  It was good!

Until next time...

Monday, January 13, 2014

DX3 March 5 here I come!

I registered for the DX3 Digital Conference last week.  It's being held on March 5 and 6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  I'm looking forward to it!  

I went to DX3 in 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed both the sessions and the vendor displays.  One session in particular was great:  David Labistour, CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-op spoke eloquently about how MEC was moving into the eCommerce space while keeping the bricks-and-morter stores vibrant, relevant and alive.  

Additionally, many of the vendors showcased new and innovative digital technologies that are changing the business world so quickly. The key learning:  the marketing world continues to change quickly;  companies need people who are knowledgable, smart, technically-savvy and most importantly, who eagerly embrace learning about new ways to communicate and connect with their customers.   Plus I got a lot of cool swag!  This is my Globe and Mail photo:

So check out the lineup so far for this year's DX3 Conference

See you there.

Chris Morales

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Predictions for 2014

I frequently get asked, "What's going on in the job market?".  

I'm not clairvoyant but I do see trends in the job market and I share those insights individually with my candidates and clients.  Some major events that will affect us:  As the economy continues to rebound, companies will continue to grow and hire; Municipal elections in fall 2014 combined with an expected Provincial Spring election in Ontario may will keep things interesting; The Pan Am Games in 2015 will keep us growing in the Greater Toronto Area.  More specifically, in marketing the biggest growth areas will be in digital marketing.  S here are my predictions for 2014:

  1. Continued growth in eCommerce especially in the traditional retail sector:  bricks and mortar stores will be working hard to figure out how to sell online and deliver in-store.  
  2. Digital Strategy will change to just 'Strategy'.  The distinction between 'Traditional' and 'Digital' will finally vanish.  
  3. 'Mobile' will finally be recognized for what it is not:  it is not a strategy!  Mobile is how people use technology:  anything anywhere anytime!
  4. Clients will continue to build digital expertise in-house.  Agencies beware!
  5. Advertising will be exposed for what it really is:  sell stuff to people.  We're already there in the instant-results-driven digital space.
Isaac Asimov
For a another take on predictions, here is a recent article from the Huffington Post with predictions for 2014 from Isaac Asimov...from 50 years ago!  

The most accurate prediction is that 2014 will be another year of change. Are you ready?

Chris Morales

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