Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bummed out over the cold

I'm a wimp!

Well, I was a wimp last week during the ridiculously crazy combination of snow, ice, frigid temperatures we endured in Toronto.  I didn't go running for 3 days!  I almost drove myself crazy...pretty sure Sally was happy I got out on Thursday morning even though it was still 'well below freezing'.  No, I did not enjoy the 'time off' one bit.  I do like my early morning pre-dawn runs.

I thought about heading to the gym.  Without a membership that wasn't an option.  Plus we don't have anything convenient near our place.

Also thought about going swimming.  Only for a minute though...driving on icy roads at 5:30 am to hit the Etobicoke Centenial Pool had me shuddering too much.  The thought of stripping down to bathing suit and swimming in water with ice and -40 C feet away wasn't so appealing.

Skipping rope!  That was an idea...not a good one unfortunately when we live in an apartment.  Solid concrete floors but the neighbours below would have not been pleased at 5 am.

In the end I settled for re-starting my pushup and sit up routine.  Not the same as running but strengthening the core is a great way to improve overall fitness.  Thankfully though I got out for a run on Thursday morning. The icy cold air and still slippery sidewalks worked to keep me focused on running:  left, right; left right!  It was good!

Until next time...

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