Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Running Last Week

It was cold and I caught a cold.  No running for me last week.

Sad Face, Sad Face!

Early last week with the forecast frigid deep freeze temperatures forecast, I planned a couple days of no running.  Alas that turned into a full week of no running when I caught a nasty cold.  What I though was just a mild head cold morphed into drippy eyes that had me to the doctor seeking medication.

Thankfully the doctor visit was short:  cold, not flu;  compounded by my sinus alergies;  drippy eyes viral not bacterial.  Treatment:  new allergy medication, saline nasal cleanse, eye drops and ... no running.  It seems that physical exertion negatively affects the body's ability to fight infections.  And I thought going out for a run helped 'sweat it out'.  Who knew?  Lots of people apparently including Sally who had a heck of a time not saying "I told you so!" (I think she said it in her mind though).

Symptoms all gone now and I was out for my first run this morning.

Happy Face, Happy Face!!

Until next time...

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