Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis and other Running Injuries: Yuck!

Running injuries suck.  Plantar Fasciitis sucks even more!

I got thinking about the running injuries that plagued me for nearly three years after I started the transition from heel-strike to forefoot/mid-foot running.  I was a classic case of do-it-yourself itis.  I Googled the topic and read countless articles on how to make the transition successfully.  I'm pleased to say that those injury-prone days are behind me since recovering from the broken foot in late 2012.  I'm running comfortably and I actually like running again.  But dam I wished I could get those three years back!

Running injuries go beyond those that I've experienced.  Knees, hips, calves...everything below the waist can and will get injured at some point.  While Googling the topic of running injuries recently I came across the infographic below that does a nice job of identifying most of the common running injuries.  What I especially like are the suggested remedies:

You're a runner.  I know running injuries will only slow you down.  Good luck with your recovery.

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