Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stuff Happens!

Stuff happens!  If nothing else, COVID 19 is teaching us that harsh lesson.  

I've been talking a lot recently with family, friends and business associates.  All of our conversations begin with how we are individually dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. All of us are still working;  all of us are working from home.  We are social however so we are all getting antsy.  Using our cell phones to make calls reminds us that they are 'telephones'!  And ZOOM has become our friend both for business and personal.  

It strikes me that some of the topics we discuss revolve around how to help each other cope through this crisis.  Below are some of the thoughts I shared in my latest book, 'Growing Up:  Canadian Jamaican'.  Some of them apply as we all grapple with new normal:

  • Don't be a D! Consider that we, our community, city, country, continent, planet, are in this together! 
  • Help another when you can.
  • You are someone! If you are lucky you will have a number of special people in your life. Cherish them! Stop what you are doing to help them.
  • Stuff happens. It will happen multiple times. Some will be your fault...don't make those mistakes again. Some will not be your what, it's still stuff! Get on with it!
  • When you have setbacks, assess and move on.
  • Seek out advice...remember that you don't;t have to act on everything. Assess advice and make your own decisions.
  • Personal strength is being able to keep going when the tide is against you.
  • Optimism is essential! If you are pessimistic about the future, what's the point in going on?
  • Don't take things too seriously. Seriously!
  • Find the humour in everything. Yes, everything!
  • When the road runs out, stop the car and start walking.
  • Don't let the bastards get you down! This one from a very good friend.
  • Never ever give up!
 Until next time...
Chris Morales, Toronto, Author, Marketing

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Do The Right Thing

"Do the right thing".  That's my advice to business owners small and large as we all deal with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic.  No one at any level is immune to the effects of schools closing, airlines cancelling flights, restaurants offering delivery only, grocery stores with empty shelves.  It's easy to say '14 day self isolation' to an employee who 'may' have been exposed to the virus.  It's not so easy for that employee to face unpaid time off dependent on unemployment or personal savings to survive.  As more businesses close, the domino effect across the entire economy will increase.  The time is now to do the right thing!  

Do the right thing:
  1. Government leaders:  Close the country down for the next 2 weeks.  Let's kill this bastard virus once and for all!
  2. Business leaders:  Support your employees.  They are with you in good times, now be with them in these bad times! Pay them to stay home!
  3. People:  Take your heads out of the sand!  This is not a rehearsal...this is the real thing.  Self isolation means exactly that:  No group contact!
What does this have to do with marketing?  The companies that do the right thing, even though it may be painful in the short term, will make it out of this stronger.  Their employees will thank them for their support;  their customers will remember that they did the right thing for all!

Do the right thing.  Now!

Until next time...
Chris Morales, Toronto, Marketing

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Chris Morales Author

In high school we had to take a 'Creative Writing' class.  I didn't enjoy it.  Having to write 'creatively' seemed ridiculous. All writing is a creative exercise. Telling a story, fiction or non-fiction is 'creative'.  I didn't right much but I had stories swirling in my head!

In broadcast school at Conestoga College we learned that before we could speak we had to write.  That was true for the newscasters as well as the radio DJ's. At my radio gig in Guelph, I learned to write what I planned to say before I flipped on the microphone.  Great experience! 

In 2005 I took up blogging.  It was the dawn of Social Media and online blogs were all the rage. My first posts were awful!  Thank you to those of you who endured my early ramblings.  But I stuck at it.  Writing allowed me to get stuff off my chest.  

Writing this third book, 'Growing Up:  Canadian Jamaican' was cathartic!   It's raw!  Writing the stories was the easy part...pulling the trigger on publishing it was hard.  I hope you enjoy reading the stories from growing up in Jamaica and Canada.  I'll be ecstatic if I can help even one person!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Your Online Reputation Precedes You

Individual or business, people are talking about you online.  And your reputation lives in multiple places:  Instagram, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn are the big sites.  Every time you same something positive or negative, or it's said about you, your Sentiment score is adjusted.  

Last year I made a concerted effort to curate my online reputation (I posted a series of articles on the exercise, this is conclusion:  Branding Exercise Concluded - Now What?)  It was an eye opener!  Websites and Social Media channels from years ago were still being indexed by Search Engines and affecting my online reputation score.  I scrubbed them all, updated content everywhere and plugged as many risks as I could.  It worked!  Now when you search 'Chris Morales' you'll get a much cleaner online view.  

It was a lot of work.  When I'm ready to move forward again, I'll sign up with a monitoring service.  More thorough and consistent.  One Canadian company offering multiple services is  They have services for just about every level of need across a wide range of online reputation management.

Until next time...
Chris Morales
Chris Morales, Toronto, Marketing, Social Media