Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Chris Morales Author

In high school we had to take a 'Creative Writing' class.  I didn't enjoy it.  Having to write 'creatively' seemed ridiculous. All writing is a creative exercise. Telling a story, fiction or non-fiction is 'creative'.  I didn't right much but I had stories swirling in my head!

In broadcast school at Conestoga College we learned that before we could speak we had to write.  That was true for the newscasters as well as the radio DJ's. At my radio gig in Guelph, I learned to write what I planned to say before I flipped on the microphone.  Great experience! 

In 2005 I took up blogging.  It was the dawn of Social Media and online blogs were all the rage. My first posts were awful!  Thank you to those of you who endured my early ramblings.  But I stuck at it.  Writing allowed me to get stuff off my chest.  

Writing this third book, 'Growing Up:  Canadian Jamaican' was cathartic!   It's raw!  Writing the stories was the easy part...pulling the trigger on publishing it was hard.  I hope you enjoy reading the stories from growing up in Jamaica and Canada.  I'll be ecstatic if I can help even one person!

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