Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Your Online Reputation Precedes You

Individual or business, people are talking about you online.  And your reputation lives in multiple places:  Instagram, Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn are the big sites.  Every time you same something positive or negative, or it's said about you, your Sentiment score is adjusted.  

Last year I made a concerted effort to curate my online reputation (I posted a series of articles on the exercise, this is conclusion:  Branding Exercise Concluded - Now What?)  It was an eye opener!  Websites and Social Media channels from years ago were still being indexed by Search Engines and affecting my online reputation score.  I scrubbed them all, updated content everywhere and plugged as many risks as I could.  It worked!  Now when you search 'Chris Morales' you'll get a much cleaner online view.  

It was a lot of work.  When I'm ready to move forward again, I'll sign up with a monitoring service.  More thorough and consistent.  One Canadian company offering multiple services is  They have services for just about every level of need across a wide range of online reputation management.

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Chris Morales
Chris Morales, Toronto, Marketing, Social Media

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