Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Running in molasses

Back in grade school I got tagged with the nickname, 'Molasses'.  And that's what it feels like I've been running in the past couple of weeks:  Running in molasses!  Despite all the hill repeats, track workouts and the Workout from Hell I'm running more slowly?

It started with my results from the Toronto Waterfront 10K.  I blew my target time and barely squeeked in under 1 hour.  Yes I made a couple of rookie mistakes...going out too fast, not wearing a hat and not hydrating properly for the hotter-than-expected day...but still!  Since then my early morning runs have felt slow.

I can hear it already, "You've gotten older...you can't run at the same pace you did 20 years ago". That's true but I'm running slower since this April!

Could be the warmer temperatures the past couple of weeks.  We get high humidity in Toronto and with the 'urban air' that certainly plays a role.  

Oh, wait a minute...could it be the extra weight I packed on since April?  I've been eating well but it's the extra snacking that's sneaked up on me that's done the damage.  And I know how to fix that:  Run harder!

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