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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Running in molasses

Back in grade school I got tagged with the nickname, 'Molasses'.  And that's what it feels like I've been running in the past couple of weeks:  Running in molasses!  Despite all the hill repeats, track workouts and the Workout from Hell I'm running more slowly?

It started with my results from the Toronto Waterfront 10K.  I blew my target time and barely squeeked in under 1 hour.  Yes I made a couple of rookie mistakes...going out too fast, not wearing a hat and not hydrating properly for the hotter-than-expected day...but still!  Since then my early morning runs have felt slow.

I can hear it already, "You've gotten can't run at the same pace you did 20 years ago". That's true but I'm running slower since this April!

Could be the warmer temperatures the past couple of weeks.  We get high humidity in Toronto and with the 'urban air' that certainly plays a role.  

Oh, wait a minute...could it be the extra weight I packed on since April?  I've been eating well but it's the extra snacking that's sneaked up on me that's done the damage.  And I know how to fix that:  Run harder!

Until next time...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

No wind at my back

Summer arrived in Toronto with a vengance and reared it's best sunny and hot features at the Toronto Waterfront 10K last Sunday.  The wind was definitely not at my back...actually no wind at all! Nothing but bright sunshine at the 7:40 am Blue Corral start and throught the entire morning.  The not-so-good stuff first:
  • I did not fuel up properly.  No breakfast.  Gulped down a gel at the start and another at 5K.  Kids, don't try this for your next race.  I was energy-depleted almost from the start and no amount of water or Gatorade could overcome that.
  • I didn't hydrate properly.  A couple of glasses of water when I got up at 4:30 am but the large coffee to 'caffeine up' effectively expelled that.  
  • Couldn't catch my breath.  A combination of going out a little too fast combined with the warm temperature and bright sunshine are the likely culprits.
  • I didn't wear a hat.  For some reason I didn't take into account that from 5K to the end there was no shade.  Dousing my head and neck with water at two aid stations at 6K and 8K helped but by then the damage had already been done.  
Now the good stuff. Canada Running Series who organize and put on the race know how to take care of runners.  This was my second race with them this season (Spring Run Off Apr 9) and once again they did a great job.  They sure know how to take care of runners!
  • Very well organized bag check. I love the clear plastic pouches everyone has to use to check baggage.  Can't bring everything...have to choose carefully.  
  • Well managed start corrals.  I get to start toward the front and love the feeling of being 'elite' even though it is fleeting
  • Lots of water stations with many volunteers on hand.  I must say though that Reggae Marathon has a better hydration solution with their sealed plastic pouches. Easier to drink from, a whole lot less messy and way less garbage.
  • Great post-race experience with lots of drink and food and entertainment.  They had a live band playing, get this...Reggae!  Thought I was in Negril at Reggae Marathon for a minute.
So three races in three months.  I've been bitten by the 10K racing bug.  On the hunt now for other 10K's this summer.  Feels good to be racy again and will have the wind at my back soon.

Until next time...


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

500 Metres in High Park

500 metres.  Half a Kilometer.  Once around the local high school track plus an additional straightaway.  5 times the distance Usain Bolt runs in under 10 seconds each time.  500 metres!

Oh, did I forget to mention that it's uphill!

April 9 is my date with 'The Hill' in High Park at the Spring Run Off 8K.  This will be a day of a couple of 'Firsts'.  It's my first race in Toronto in quite a few years. I've sustained a number of injuries over the past 5 years that have coincided with planned races and even this year am recovering from a nasty hamstring strain.  But I've been running regularly for the past couple of weeks and feel ready for this.  I think...

Second, it's my first race of 2016.  Normally in the spring in Toronto in High Park the Cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  With the long-range forecast calling for downright chilly temperatures for the early morning start April 9 it looks to be winter running gear.  But I'll be racing in my spiffy Puma running shoes and will be colour co-ordinated head-to-toe.

Now about 'The Hill'.  It's only 500 Metres.  I've run it before.  It's close to the finish line.  Can you tell that I'm a little spooked?  I only hope I can smile for the cameras like these runners:

Until next time...