Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Running

Summer running!  It's what I live for!  The hotter the better.  Coming back completely drenched after a run is the best feeling in the world.  I walk up the stairs to our apartment sparing any elevator riders from my healthy post-run 'scent'. 

Now I must confess that I run very early in the morning...I'm usually out by 6 am when the sun is still low on the horizon and the temperature is moderate.  We experience high levels of humidity in Toronto in the summer so even temperatures in the high teens (Celsius) can feel 10 degrees warmer. Add in the big city air quality and some mornings it feels as is I'm eating the air. 

The absolute hottest temperature I've ever run in was in Las Vegas.  On a business trip in August, the daytime highs were in the mid-40's.  They dropped overnight but only to the mid-30's.  It was a surreal experience stepping out of the frigid hotel lobby into the hot morning air...an immediate 15 degree temperature swing!

Since I'm out early, sunstroke isn't an issue.  Heatstroke is and I take great care to hydrate before, during and after my summer runs.  Plain tap water does the trick...some mornings I can't get enough. And while we're talking about hydration, I've started drinking a lot of water every day.  I start as soon as I get up with a tall glass and follow up throughout the day.  I still crave my diet colas but I'm drinking less...and that's a good thing.  Now if only I could do the same with my salty snacks.

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