Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We had a little rain in Toronto last week! Messed up my Running!

That is a total understatement!  125 millimetres of rain fell in Toronto in under 2 hours.  Historically this is the most rain that has fallen in Toronto since...well since forever actually!  Even the torrential downpours of Hurricane Hazel didn't dump that much.  There was extensive flooding, power outages and general disruption  during the storm and for days after.

It negatively affected my running and my commuting but I only got my shoes wet.  This guy was not so lucky.  I took this photo shortly after the first deluge.  3+ feel of water accumulated in the underpass 50 metres south of the entrance to our apartment building.  Some vehicles made it through...not so lucky the SUV on the left.  Stalled at the depth of the water for 20 minutes.  When he was finally pushed out and opened his doors, water poured out.  Ouch, that's gotta hurt.  Going to be a challenge explaining that to his insurance company.

But nothing tops this guy.  There he was driving his $200K Ferrari at the height of the storm on his way to catch a plane. His car stalled and he didn't want to miss his flight!  What?  It was raining...planes were grounded!  Bright guy that he was he abandons his Ferrari as the water topped the wheel wells and told a reporter that he 'had a flight to catch'!  More money than brains...why does Ferrari sell cars to guys like this?  I can see the Craigslist vehicle ad now:  'Ferrari for sale.  Slight water damage.  Going cheap!"  Oh, and did you note that he left the windows open!

One good thing about all this rain and accompanying humidity:  great training for Negril and Reggae Marathon this December.  Actually with Humidex readings in the mid 30's Celsius, it will be cooler in Negril!

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