Monday, July 8, 2013

More Muffin Tops

From the reaction on Twitter last week, it seems I hit a raw nerve with the Muffin Top story.  The Muffin Top photo to be Muffin Top photo:

From Larry Savitch (@opus00)
so glad to have seen That first thing in the morning..  

Navin Sadrigani (@navin48):
The 1st muffin was good to watch,the 2nd would have been good to read abt, at most

My cousin, Karin Wilson had this to say (@Yardedge):
Muffin tops only good 4 eating Nothing another reggae marathon won't take care off!

Navin waded back in (@navin48):
ha ha, funny to see everyone respond. You at least are now certain that you need to let go of both muffins :-) Cheers.

After I deleted the offending photo, Navin had this to say (@navin48):
And the world is normal again :-D

And Larry Savitch had the last word...or so he thought (@opus00):
I was diggin the pic, just not 1st thing in the morning, was a brave move to post

Larry, here is another photo of...the Muffin Top :)


Until next time...


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