Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I love Summer running

The hotter the better actually.  And if I could, I'd run at high noon!  Call me crazy but I love running in the heat of the summer.

This past week in Toronto we were 'blessed' with ridiculously hot temperatures and humidity.  Air temperatures topped 30 C but with our high humidity it was the equivalent of 40 C.  Loved it!

Maybe it's the upbringing.  I grew up in Jamaica before moving to the Toronto area waaaaay back in 1972.  I can remember beach weekends in Discovery Bay and Port Antonio where it was too hot to walk on the sand.  And the drive to get there from home with no air conditioning in the car...now that was unbearable!

As kids in Jamaica we went to school from 8 am to 2:30 pm.  I know that end time sounds early but in late June before school let out for summer vacation I had difficulty staying awake after 1 pm it was so hot.  Well, that's my excuse for doing poorly on those subjects that we had after lunch.  And it explains why I do like Siestas (Siestas sound so much better than 'Nap Time for Grownups').

Summer Running Gear
Drying on the Balcony
Running in the heat of the summer does have a couple of drawbacks for me though.  The first is that I sweat.  A lot.  I can loose litres of water on a long run on a hot day.  Easy solution though...I drink a lot of water before and after especially hot runs.

Sweating a lot leads to the second challenge:  where do I hang my running gear to dry?  Compounding this challenge is the fact that we live in an apartment.  Neither Sally or Tia are particularly fond of smelly T Shirts and Tights drying on the balcony each day.  

I'm a summer person at heart.  I thrive on the heat.  I love running in the summer!

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