Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beer Run at Oktoberfest October 14

'Back in the day' "Beer Run" meant stopping at the Beer Store to pick up a 'Two-Four' of Molson Export or Labbatt Blue on the way to a friend's house for a late night get-together to watch Saturday Night Live.  Ahhh...those were simpler times.  No Smartphones...not even mobile phones...heck, 'Touch tone' phones had just made the mainstream;  28 TV Channels to choose one...couldn't find anything good to watch then either.  And yes, we listened to LP Records but were super excited about the newest technology about to hit the market:  Cassette Tapes! Oh, those were the days!

I digress...this is about a Beer Run that's happening in Kitchener, Ontario on Monday, October 14 (Thanksgiving Day) as part of the Thanksgiving Day Parade that is a part of the Oktoberfest Celebrations that get under way that weekend.  

I love the idea of a Beer Run.  At Reggae Marathon held on the first Saturday in December every year, it's possible to be drinking a cold Red Stripe Beer at 6 am in the morning after finishing the 10K race event.  That sounds decadent I know but combined with the fresh cut coconut and and dash into the warm Caribbean Sea it's the best Post-Race Celebration I can think of.  A cold beer after finishing the KW Oktoberfest Fun Run is a close second.  

Click here for details on the KW Oktoberfest Fun Run.  Personally I think that name is way too long and cumbersum...I'm going to stick with Beer Run.

Shoutout to all my Kitchener Waterloo friends:  want to do this event?

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