Tuesday, August 29, 2017

7 Thoughts A Runner Has During A Half Marathon

What the heck am I doing?

That question happens around the half way mark when the reality of a likely finish time sinks in...if only I can hold this pace!  Although I may have done it once in a training run, running the second half faster than the first is unlikely and unrealistic.  Oh well, better just enjoy the run.

Here are some other thoughts a runner has during a half marathon:

  1. Don't go out too fast.  Did I go out too fast?  I told myself to start slowly and ease into race pace.  Why did I go out too fast?
  2. Did I hydrate properly before the race?  Did I balance the electrolyte with enough water?  
  3. I hope the gels don't make my stomach turn.  Wish I hadn't changed my usual brand at the last minute?  Hope I brought enough gels.
  4. Do all these runners in front of me need to be chatting so much? And they're smiling!  Wish I could smile.  I'm smiling, right?
  5. If I stay in front of the 2 hour pace bunny I'll finish under 2 hours!  The 2 hour pace bunny must be running too fast.  Why is the 2 hour pace bunny pulling ahead.
  6. I overdressed.  I overdressed.  I overdressed!
  7. I see the finish.  Pick up the pace.  Smile.  Breathe.  Forget breathing...smile for the finish line camera!
First thought on crossing the finish line:   "I'm never doing that again!"

Thought about 10 minutes later:  "That wasn't so bad...when's the next race?"

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