Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why Selling Skills Matter

Selling skills are important for every job, not just professional sales people.  No matter your job, position or level, your success depends on being able to sell the benefits of...YOU!

Years ago I was advised that I had done a terrible job of 'Managing the Management'.  Too arrogant and inexperienced to understand what that meant, I ignored the advice and promptly found myself 'between engagements'...unemployed!  Not eager to repeat that experience, I looked into what the term meant.  Revelation!  It was the same advice we advertising folks give to our clients:  Sell the Sizzle!  Or, "Consumers buy Benefits!' I've applied that lesson ever since in every job and activity. Companies hire staff to perform specific functions that benefit the organization and its customers.

All of this to say that sales skills matter!  It's what I stress in the Professional Selling Course I deliver at George Brown College Continuing Education.  From having a professional LinkedIn profile to learning how to overcome objectives, Students learn how to ask proper questions, how to listen effectively and most importantly, practice presentation skills.  The basiscs of being more professional at every level.
Here's the link to register:  GBC Continuing Education - Professional Selling

See you in class!

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