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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

How To Start Your Small Business

One year ago we went into lockdown in Ontario.  Businesses shuttered and non-essential workers went home.  We were all thrown into uncertainty immediately!  At the time I had 3 classes to go in the Winter 2020 Starting A Small Business Continuing Education course at George Brown College.  With all schools closed for in-person classes, I immediately opted to move online.  It was a scramble but it worked out.  My students finished the course successfully!

Fast forward a year and we are now fully online.  Again this Spring, starting Thursday, May 13 and running 12 weeks until August 5, Starting A Small Business will be offered online.  

This is a practical course that teaches prospective business owners everything they need to identify, evaluate, position, start, operate market and sell their own small business.  Full-time bricks and mortar or Online;  Gig Economy or side-hustle.  We cover what you need to give you a leg up on being a successful small business owner.

You will evaluate your aptitude for running your own business;  Complete a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis; Write your own business plan.  Within all that you'll hear from a variety of small business owners who will share their experience and offer tips on marketing, financing, operating you own business.  Here's the official information from George Brown College:

Starting your small business, Chris Morales, Gig Economy, Side Hustle

Register now at this link:  Starting a Small Business.  See you May 13!

Chris Morales, Instructor

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Small Business Class Guest Speaking Gig

Starting Your Small Business
This semester, I've got a class full of eager students once again in the Small Business course at George Brown College.  This 12 week course covers the fundamentals of identifying, starting and running a small business.  These students are planning their ventures and all have solid ideas!  

Here's how you can help:  Volunteer to speak in one of the upcoming classes.  Share your small business story, how you got started, mistakes you've made, successes you've had, tips on how to get through the typical challenges.  

If you are a small business owner and have about 45 minutes on Thursday evening at 6:15 pm, please contact me directly:

Thank you.

Chris Morales, George Brown College, Marketing, Toronto

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why Selling Skills Matter

Selling skills are important for every job, not just professional sales people.  No matter your job, position or level, your success depends on being able to sell the benefits of...YOU!

Years ago I was advised that I had done a terrible job of 'Managing the Management'.  Too arrogant and inexperienced to understand what that meant, I ignored the advice and promptly found myself 'between engagements'...unemployed!  Not eager to repeat that experience, I looked into what the term meant.  Revelation!  It was the same advice we advertising folks give to our clients:  Sell the Sizzle!  Or, "Consumers buy Benefits!' I've applied that lesson ever since in every job and activity. Companies hire staff to perform specific functions that benefit the organization and its customers.

All of this to say that sales skills matter!  It's what I stress in the Professional Selling Course I deliver at George Brown College Continuing Education.  From having a professional LinkedIn profile to learning how to overcome objectives, Students learn how to ask proper questions, how to listen effectively and most importantly, practice presentation skills.  The basiscs of being more professional at every level.
Here's the link to register:  GBC Continuing Education - Professional Selling

See you in class!

Chris M Morales
647 393 3855

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are not associated with any other group or organization

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer School at GBC

Summer school at George Brown College and class is in!

Two GBC classes are approaching their final stages this summer:  Professional Selling and Starting a Small Business. The students both classes have been involved, interested and enthusiastic in both courses. And that's made it special.

The Professional Selling course focuses on improving selling skills through building long-term relationships.  The premise is that a customer-for-life relationship begins by qualifying a prospect properly.  Then by asking the right questions, build trust in solutions that add value for the customer. Many of the concepts covered can be applied to jobs that are not primarly sales positions and that's what makes this course valuable.  Anyone looking to improve their understanding of how to perform better in their current job, look for a new job or change careers will enjoy this course.

The Starting a Small Business course winds up this week with our final class, a Field Trip for ice cream! One of the students opened an ice cream shop in the west end of Toronto and we're holding our final class at the shop to see a small business in action.  In this class, we've been through a complete assessment of each student's business idea covering market assessment, marketing plan, financial planning and culminated with a finished Business Plan.  Each student completing the course learned the key concepts on how to start and run their own business.  

Both courses are on again this fall at George Brown College Continuing Education.  You can register now at these links:  Professional Selling Fall 2017 and Starting a Small Business Fall 2017.

Chris M Morales
647 393 3855

The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and are not associated with any other group or organization