Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dad loved running

This past Sunday was Father's Day. No my Dad wasn't a runner but he loved that I was.

This Father's Day I was torn between emotions.  On one hand, I was sad recalling my own Father who passed away 9 years ago (This is one my favourite photos of Dad).  On the other, I was elatated thinking about my son and his wife who are three months away from having their first child.  Next year this time will be his first Father's Day and my first as Grandpa (Grandpa...yes, I think I'll go with that).  

Reggae Marathon is woven into this story. My first and only Marathon was Reggae Marathon in 2009.  Since that beginning, I've grown into a number of relationships with runners from around the world who are now an inseperable part of my life.  I miss my Dad but can't thank him enough for inspiring me to make the trek with Sally to Negril and endure over 5 hours running in the mid-morning sun.  It wasn't even a thought that Navin, Dan, Larry, Karen, Deb and everyone else who I've connected with through Reggae Marathon would become so close.  Every December we great each other like it's the first time.  I never grow tired of that!

So...Trust the love, move to the inspiration...Happy Father's Day!

Until next time...

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