Sunday, May 21, 2017

Succeeding in Business is Simple

GW, A good friend recently shared this story with me about why he has purchased 4 new vehicles over the past 6 years from the same Dealership:  "I love the Service Guy!  Don't get me wrong, the Salesman I've worked with always gives me a good deal but the Service Consultant takes care of me and my vehicles".  
That simple truth to success in the automotive business as it is in all businesses.  

I'm was reminded of this as I sat on hold waiting to talk to a real live person on the 'Help Line' of a company that shall remain nameless (Hint: Telecommunications industry).  I chose to call even though it was 40 minutes of my life I wasn't going to get back. I may be old school but I prefer to talk to a person.  In my business if a customer has a problem, I prefer to speak with them about it directly than text/message/email back and forth.  Have you seen how long the email train can grow?

In simple truth, the first sale is only the beginning;  Servicing the hell out of them keeps them coming back. Everyone in the selling business would be wise to pay heed.

GW added:  "My Service Guy...he's the reason I keep coming back".

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