Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I run because I can

I run because I still can.  Oh the body aches most mornings.  I simply can't jump out of bed and without so much as a warm up go running.  It takes more time now to wake up fully before heading out.  And coffee.  I need a hot cup of brew to prime the engine now.  If I could take it intravenously...

But I can still run.  I'm thankfull for that.

Running has been a lifesaver.  On the rollercoaster that is life, I've enjoyed running tremendously on the highs. Running along the cliffs and beaches in Sydney, Australia while on vacation with the Boys tops my highlight reel. So too the annual experiences in Negril at Reggae Marathon. In the troughs though running has proven to be vital to surviving.  Out on a run during difficult and dark times, troubles slip away.  For a few minutes during my run I'm free. Running is life!  

Keep running my friends. 

Until next time...

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