Sunday, May 28, 2017

Farewell...A New Chapter Begins

Last week I said farewell to a number of the finest people I've had the opportunity of working with. Farewell not goodbye...goodbye is so final and good people stay around for life.  My fellow Digital Marketing Consultants;  Support Team at Bond Brand Marketing; Ford of Canada Clients and of course the Ford Dealers I worked with...what a group and what an great experience over the past 18 months on the Ford Dealer Digital Direct Program.  Thank you!

Now a new and exciting chapter has begun.  I started with the Budds' Family as Director of Marketing for all Budds' Family Dealerships covering BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini, Subaru, Mazda, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC.  
I am totally stoked about the challenge of applying a lifetime of learning and experience in automotive marketing to driving our business forward.  And at an exciting time in the Automotive Retail business with tehnology driving changes in how consumers shop for and buy cars and trucks. We're enjoying a moment in time when servicing customers before they buy, during the sales process and after they take delivery is impacted by the words, 'Customer Service'. Here at the Budds' Family, our mantra "The Family Business that Service Built" says it all.

I've known the Budds' Family for a long time.  Earlier in my career when we were building the Saturn Saab Isuzu Dealership Network, I worked closely with Chris Budd and members of the family and Management Team.  I bought my second Saab from Budds' ... a very nice pre-owned Saab 9000.  I thoroughly enjoyed that car and so did my boys...that Saab coincided with my eldest sons getting their Driver's licenses.  There were weekends when the turbo never cooled down! 

My first week in the new job has been pretty exciting.  Two friends purchased new vehicles (one a BMW and the other a Subaru) and I heard a great service story from another friend who is on his fourth Subaru!  Service sells!  Added to that are all the professionals I've met at the Dealerships I've visited so far: 'Absolute Professionals'. 

A new chapter begins...

Chris M Morales
647 393 3855

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