Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I got nothing!

I've got nothing this morning.  Nothing. Nada. Blank slate.  The well ran dry!  That's about it for cliches to explain why I've got nothing to say today about running.  I've been running though...just don't have anything witty, thought provoking or just plain silly to share.  Feels like that Seinfeld episode where they explain the concept as the show about nothing  OK, that's the final cliche!

I ran track repeats yesterday.  Sprinted the straights and walked/jogged the curves.  6 sets if you're asking.  Then sprinted, walked, jogged the mile back home.  My legs felt like jello.  It didn't help that the day before I ran stairs.  I can hear you groaning:  "Back-to-back high-intensity workouts?  What is he thinking?  He's going to re-injure himself.  We're going to have to hear all about THAT again!" Alas, that is not to be...Rest Day Today!

Summer is about to slam into the Greater Toronto Area today/tomorrow with temperatures soaring to the high 20's C on Wednesday.  I can't wait! Enough of these single digit temperatures in the early mornings when I go running.  I'm running in my short tights but still wear a fleece jacket and some mornings even gloves!  I'm not getting my hopes up that it will last or be consistent though...if there is one thing we've come to expect it's the wild swings in temperatures and conditions.  At least we don't have to shovel snow (is that yet another cliche?).

Speaking of summer, we've got some vacation planned this year.  Short 4 day driving excursions but away-from-home vacations.  First up is Jordan Station, Inn on the Twenty in early June to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.  10 years!  Sally put up with me for 10 years!  Saint!  Then in July we head to Ottawa for a Lithuanian Heritage Weekend.  A full day of music and dance (and a beer or three)...always great.  And running of course.  Doh!

That's it for today.  Really not much to say.  Hopefully my creative juices get flowing by next week. Crap...another cliche!

Until next time...

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