Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Love the new Running Shoes

I love my new running shoes.  It's a transient feeling I know but for now I love putting them on and heading out for a run.

These new running shoes, the New Balance N2 1080 v5 model, were comfortable from the start.  I picked them up at the Running Room Outlet Store significantly reduced since they were last year's model.  They fit comfortably right out of the box.  Size 10 1/2 with a wide toe box and nice arch support.  It only took a few minutes of walking around the store in them to seal the sale.  

The other impressive feature were the 'Stretchy Laces'.  Yes, there was some give in the laces which made lacing and unlacing them a breeze.  They fit snugly but 'gave' a little bit under impact.  I was anxious to go running.

The out-sole of these New Balance running shoes is an interesting grid pattern.  I'm anticipating good traction in the snow and on the trails. If the weather forecast is accurate and we get the blast of snow that is predicted this week, they'll be snow tested soon. 

First impressions out on the road on my first run: It took a while to get used to the more cushioned mid-sole.  My other running shoes, Puma's, also a favourite, have as much support but much less cushioning. Once I settled in though, it was a smooth ride. A small point: On impact, it was definitely noisier than other shoes I've run in.  Of course this could be a function of my slogging pace...time will tell.   It's going to be interesting going back and forth between these New Balance and Puma running shoes.  For now though, I'm enjoying my time in these new running shoes.

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