Sunday, March 19, 2017

Headlights: The Distinctive Face of New Vehicle Branding

The eyes have it...the last great bastion of new car and truck design.

At the Toronto Auto Show this past February I was struck by the plethora of headlight designs on display.  The Designers responsible for the 'eyes' seem to have the most influential jobs in the auto industry today.  And with LED lights and high-intensity projector beam lighting technology, they've thrown off the shackles.  What a way to brand a vehicle especially now with so many look-a-like designs in Cars, SUV's and even Trucks.

Some are narrow like the slits of a wild jungle cat, others are big and bold like a wide-eyed child on Christmas morning.  They are all distinctive and that's the point.  I'm partial to two:  The new Volvo and the Mustang.  Both are aggressive and a little sinister...I love them!   I wonder how many new vehicle buyers choose a new vehicle based on it's headlight design?

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