Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Solving the Mystery

My Specialist and I will be solving the mystery today shortly after 4:15 pm.  That's when we find out why I've been stuck in 2nd running gear for the past 4 months.  It can't happen soon enough!

I'm optimistic.  I expect that after all the tests we'll have reached the root cause of the condition that has plagued my running.  I want to hear good news, 'Eureka...mystery solved!" I don't want to hear, "We need to do more tests".  Nope, I'm not really prepared for that.

One of my running friends thinks this mystery can be solved through diet...that it's a dietary imbalance.  I'd love for him to be right.  That's an easy fix unless he says absolutely cut out salty snacks!  I've moved to popcorn and it would suck if I have to give that up too. 

Through it all I've managed to keep running.  One adjustment I've made recently has been a move to the track for speed repeats.  I've added hill repeats as well.  It seems I'm OK to go hard for a minute or so followed by a recovery walk.  I'm good with that.  The increased intensity does push up my metabolism quite a bit.  Hey...maybe I'll become a late sprinter!

Because of all this stop-and-start running since last fall, I didn't buy any new winter running gear.  I cobbled together totally uncoordinated fleece tops with brightly coloured wind pants for a totally unattractive look.  I know how one looks doesn't help with speed but I feel ugly.  Is ugly a feeling?

Yeah, I'm looking forward to solving the running mystery today.  Stay tuned...

Until next time...

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