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The Best of the Toronto Auto Show 2017

Lincoln Navigator Concept
The Toronto Auto Show, or Canadian International Auto Show by it's official name, didn't disappoint on opening night last Thursday. Within 30 minutes of arriving I'd already spent $1 Million. On 3 cars! But they were very nice cars! I'll have to get rid of a couple of my current vehicles to make space for these 3 but it's a sacrifice I'm OK with. 

That's the allure the Auto Show has for me, a die-hard 'gearhead'. Yes, the auto business is alive and well. Car manufacturers are back on track with their marketing efforts and the Auto Show is an even more important way to show new vehicles and get potential customers behind the wheel.

Musings and Observations:
  • Electric vehicles and self-driving cars are in the news. Hybrids that combine gas engines with electric motors and battery storage seem more effective to me and I prefer to drive myself thank you very much. Although I do like and appreciate the safety features now coming to mainstream vehicles to help avoid crashes.  
  • Connectivity is also a major topic in the Auto industry.  Most new vehicles can now be controlled via Smartphones and there are now modules that can be plugged into older vehicles that provide new vehicle-control.  
  • Trucks continue to be a big deal at least for Ford, GM and Dodge.  I get the functionality of a full-size pickup for work and play but using one as a primary vehicle in the city just doesn't make sense to me.  Yet their torrid sales pace continues.  New hybrid engines help a lot with fuel economy but at over $/litre for gas they sure put a dent on the pocket book at full-up time.
  • One box vehicles.  Or SUV's or CUV's or Tall Wagons.  Call them what you will but these vehicles are the death of sedans.  Read recently that this segment finally outsold sedans.  I like sedans but I understand the functionality of a one box vehicle. Especially one where you just slide in behind the wheel...must have something to do with my age and stage.
The build and design quality of all manufacturers is almost at parity, at least from my vantage point; there really aren't any real stinkers any more.  There were some highlights though...
  • The Lincoln Concept in the photo above.  The side profile looks great too (see below).  I hope they make it.
  • The BMW 5 M.  Amazing seats!  Fit like a glove!  Ridiculous power and thirsty but what a vehicle.
  • Mercedes E AMG.  Bad Ass!  If you want to kick butt in style this is the vehicle for you.  Get it in Matte Black.
  • Mustang GT 350 Cobra.  Enough said. Bad to the bone and completely unapologetic in both performance and looks.  I'd like a semi-automatic paddle shif though...not fond of the manual stick.
  • Volvo XC 70.  Whoa...this beauty is really well done.  Lovely, powerful engines though in a great looking package.  The centre stack will take some getting used to though...I still favour the waterfall styling.
Here's another look at the Lincoln Navigator Concept that grabbed my attention:

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