Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Winter Blahs

This time of year sucks for running outside in Toronto.  It's grey and overcast most mornings;  the snow is dirty if we have any at all;  the ground is bare and barren;  there are no leaves on the trees...even the evergreens seem to droop with the weight of mid-winter   No, it's no fun running outside in the depths of the winter blahs.

On the bright side:  We're more than half way through winter.  Despite the warmer-than-average seasonal temperatures we're expecting in the Greater Toronto Area this week, Spring isn't quite in the air yet.  But it's just over a month to go till the official start of Spring.  The mornings will get brighter, the air will get sweeter, the runs will seems lighter.  Yes...I'm ready to beat the winter blahs.

I may have the winter blahs but I'm still going running!

Until next time...

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