Sunday, October 30, 2016

Are you smarter than Google?

Have you heard someone say they've figured out how to outsmart Google?  I have, particularly with Google AdWords and Online Searches.  Often it goes like this, "I/we have a way of that guarantees #1 position at the lowest bid for your AdWords campaigns".  I just shake my head.  It's just not possible that one individual or company has developed a new algorithm that outsmarts the sheer volume of computing power that Google brings to Search.  To illustrate, here's an infographic that shows what goes on in Search as you are typing...
When you're using Online/Search Advertising (AdWords) to reach your target customers, it's better to focus on playing within the Google Search Ecosystem:  Relevant headlines and Call-to-action options combined with a Landing Page experience that pays off directly against the specific search query.  

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