Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stumbled but didn't fall

Last Saturday at the RBC Run for the Kids 15K I stumbled.  Badly it turned out.  But I didn't fall. In the process I learned a lot about mental toughness.  And how to change strategy quickly.  We can plan all we want...then life happens.

As you might have surmised I didn't have a great running day Saturday morning.  I've thought about it a lot...including the seemingly endless time out on the course while I stumbled along.  What happened?

Well...what happened is that I finished.  I raised over $500 for kids mental health with your support.  I got another Finisher Medal.  Probably the hardest one I've ever owned...well, maybe the second hardest...the Reggae Marathon Finisher's Medal back in 2009 was hard won.  Both tested me mentally and physically.  And that's life.  Despite the best made plans, some days it's how fast you adapt that keeps you alive.  So what did I learn?
  • No matter how slow you're moving, keep moving!  
  • Pay attention to what's going on.  When something doesn't work as planned, recognize it and adapt or adjust quickly.  
  • Keep your head up and breathe.  It's the end goal that matters...
  • Relax...you get to run again tomorrow.  Only death and taxes are certain.  So after you pay your taxes, and assuming you're not dead, you get to run again.
Potestas in meipsum!  That the Latin version of my personal motto:  Strength within self. That came to me around Kilometer 7.5 when I passed the sign noting we were half way home.  Yes I stumbled...but I sure didn't fall!

Until next time...

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