Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Hard Running

I had a week of hard running getting back to it. Some of the pain was caused by the realization that I had two weeks to get back into running shape for the RBC Run for the Kids on September 17.  I needed to ramp up quickly...that hurt as expected...but I also wanted to not break anything...that messed with my head!  Who knew hard running was so hard!

I'm pretty sure now that runners are high level narscisists.  Or is it just me?  On a run last Saturday I found myself on a stretch of Bloor West Village where every storefront was plate glass.  I spent more time looking at my reflection than thinking about running. There was a big disconnect between how I looked in my mind and what the mirrored windows reflected.  Whoa!

I'm watching my food intake this week as well.  As is my habit, I've cut out the beer and alcohol. Man is that cold one on Saturday afternoon going to taste great!  I've got some dry roasted peanuts ready-to-go as well.  College football Saturday afternoon here we come!  Sticking with chicken, rice and steamed vegetables this week as well.

It's looking like my type of running conditions this Saturday morning.  Temperatures are forecast for low teens at the 7:30 am start.  And no rain although I actually like running in the rain.  I'm going to use my hydration backpack for this run.  I like PowerAid and am pretty sure that won't be available at the aid stations.  Plus I can avoid the sloppy water-in-a-paper-cup drill.  Why can't every race hydrate like Reggae Marathon:  water and electrolyte replacement in a sealed plastic pouch?

OK, enough jabbering...back to some hard running.  Wait...supposed to be tapering for the rest of this week.  Can't wait until Saturday!

Until next time...

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