Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A little running music

I don't run with music. I've never been comfortable with earbuds in my ear.  And I run in the city...I want to hear vehicles around me...and the bad guys trying to sneak up on me.  But I do like running music...or to be more accurate, music that pumps me up. 

Heading out to a race I love Dave Matthews 'Two Step', Led Zeppelin's 'Ramble On', Joe Zawinul's 'Procession' and Al Dimeola's 'Flight over Rio'.  Those are my standbys.  But there are a others that I turn to when I really want to get crank it up:  
Sinnerman, Nina Simone.  Loved it in The Thomas Crown Affair...love this extended version even more

Boogie Wonderland Extended Mix, Earth Wind and Fire.  They could have called this 'Happy Feet'. It sure gets my legs turning over.

Thunderstruck, Two Cellos.  OK, AC/DC nailed it with Thunderstruck but this is one of the best versions ever!

What's your favourite running music?

Until next time...

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