Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Automotive Purchase Journey

Back in the day things were different.  The Manufacturer and the Dealer had more information that we had.  I loved going to the Detroit and Toronto Auto Shows in the winter to pick up new vehicle catalogues.  I poured over them endlessly learning the minutae about each model.  Those were good times!  My wife didn't enjoy the piles of old catalogues though.  Thankfully my job in automotive marketing and advertising allowed me to keep them in my office.

As we all know, the big change in the relationship between purchaser and new vehicle seller is that the Consumer now has more information than the sales consultants in the Dealership.  While not absolutely true...Manufacturers spend large budgets on product training...Google Search puts a lot of information at our fingertips.  And in the process, the automotive purchase journey has changed:

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