Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Boot returns

The Boot returns.  

After the second right foot broken-bone episode a few years back, I tucked The Boot into the very back corner of our storage room.  I never expected to see it again, never mind have to use it!  Maybe I should have gotten rid of it...that's it, I jinxed myself keeping it around.  

The Boot showed up on my right foot for the third time last week when I tried unsuccessfully to squeeze my foot into my dress shoe.  The pain, oh the pain!  And no, I'm not whining...it was painful and wasn't going to help my recovery.  No, it had to be The Boot.  

The Boot makes for interesting conversation starter.  Most of our neighbours know I'm a runner so they have some empathy for my plight.  They get a good chuckle when I tell then that it wasn't a running injury...that I broke my baby toe when I slammed my foot into the wooden base of an ottoman in the dark.  I'm glad I can provide a little humor in their day.

The Boot made it's debut at Reggae Marathon in 2012 when I walked the 10K in it.  I didn't finish last...whew! But it sure was interesting to experience a running event as a walker.  I had my camera with me and caught some great characters and scenes that I would never have captured while running. These photos are some of my favourite images of the Reggae Marathon Experience:

Yes The Boot returns to remind that at any moment we'll hit an unexpected, unplaned bump that will dispupt our carefully laid out plans.  We'll have a choice:  Stop and bellyache or adjust and move forward. Adjusting to and overcoming these obstacles is what life is all about.  

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