Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Gone swimming

Gone swimming!  That's the sign I hung up beside my running shoes last week after breaking my baby toe.  And if running shoes could smile, I think they would have broken a grin...I've been working them hard for the past few months.

We're fortunate in having access to two pools: One in the nearby community centre that has early morning lane swimming sessions, and the other one right in our Complex.  One indoor and temperature controlled (Montgomery Pool) the other outdoor and warmed by the sun (Our Complex...that's it on the left).  And we have been blessed by the sun and hot temperatures so far this summer.

'Gone swimming' is a bit of a misnomer though. I'm a runner through-and-through so I go 'running' accross the deep area of the pools.  No I don't 'do lengths'.  I get a few strange looks for sure but I'm comfortable doing my running thing and in some cases I'm faster than some of the swimmers.

If you haven't tried water running, it's harder than it looks.  The water provides a lot of resistance and it's easy to get the heart rate up quickly.  And because you're already wet, it's tough to tell that you're sweating.

Yes I've gone swimming again...if this sticks who knows, maybe I'll give up running.

Until next time...

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