Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Oh no, I broke my toe!

Oh hell no, I broke my toe?  I can hear Sally now, "You should have turned on the light before you went stumbling around in the dark!"  Darn...hate it when she's right.
Baby toe, right foot.  And if you're keeping track, this is the third time I've broken bones in my right foot:  Broken Bones #1, Broken Bones #2.  This time though it really, really sucks!

I know what you're thinking...he did something stupid while running.  This time it was not a running injury, even though the result is the same:  No running until healed.  10 - 14 days according to webmd.com.  No, this happened while I was walking through the living room in the dark Monday morning.  The irony?  I was going to turn on the lamp beside the sofa when I slammed my right foot into the the wooden base of the ottoman. 

Ouch!  Or rather, @$%#$%@!  I new immediately it was broken.  And what that meant to my running.  

Taped up, foot up, iced on and off to keep the swelling down. No running.  I know the drill!  

Until next time...

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