Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Planking my way to better running

On a whim about a year ago I started planking. It looked so easy I though...I barely lasted 20 seconds on my first try. It looked so easy.  Using my abs for the very first time to stay still and flat...that was an eye opener.  But I stuck with it and a year later I maintain a 4-time-a-week plank workout. 

The biggest benefit has been an improvement in my breathing:  I take in deeper breaths.  And my running posture has improved...much less slouching.  Larry:  I've got 6 pack abs after all...they're just hiding under an inch or so of 'insulation'!  Hey it's Canada...we have to stay warm in the winter!

After stumbling around with a few planinkg variations, I came across the above video.  It's Olympian Carrie Tollefson's planking routine.  She's a world class runner so ... what's good for Carrie works for me.  It's 5 minutes of torture but does it ever feel good after.

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