Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Men Running in Tights

Back in the day I ran in running shorts.  I started with long ones nearly down to my knees and over the years the got shorter and shorter.  For my first Half Marathon in Toronto I ran in a pair with the style-of-the day, fully split sides.  Something like this.  Not much coverage and lots of chaffing.  Loved the freedom but not the constant battle to overcome 'friction'.  And yes, I was much thinner then.

Over the years as I grew more modest I started to think about short tights.  Believe it or not, I felt they were more revealing than the split side running shorts! 

Chaffing! That was the main challenge with those split shorts and no matter what I did, my big thighs could not be defeated.  Enter my love affair with running tights. 

It wasn't a cold turkey transition.  I run outside all year and was already used to running in long tights in the winter. But I was a bit self conscious the first time I ran with the short tights.  That was back in the day when 'real runners' only ran in shorts. Runners in tights were not common.  I pressed on though and enjoyed the main benefit of running in shrort tights: They were comfortable and there was no chaffing! Form does follow function.  An added benefit was that I felt like I was running faster but that was just in my mind.

I've been a dedicated short tights runner for years now and won't be going back to shorts any time soon.

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