Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Open your hips

'Tight hips' the bane of runners everywhere.  I know...I suffer from tight hips and it affects my running.  Not in a good way.

I should first explain that I don't like stretching.  I generally get out of bed and still bleary eyed head out for my early morning run.  Most mornings I stumble along for the first kilometre without being fully awake...thankfully I have reflective gear on so the cars can see me.  I'm know I don't see them. Once warmed up I speed up of course and my breathing becomes more relaxed.  I can feel my muscles loosen up as my stride lengthens and leg turnover increases.  Over the past few years though I've noticed a significant increase in the time it takes to get comfortable.  Stretching before running would help...specifically stretching my very tight hips should pay off.

I found this illustration showing essential stretches for tight hips and have been doing them regularly recently. I'll know in a couple of weeks how my running improves.

Until next time...

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