Thursday, February 26, 2015

How to be Social at an Event

Live events were tailor made for Social Media.  Pre, during and post event...each presents a different opportunity to engage with the Target Consumer.  My experience with Reggae Marathon fits this exactly:
  1. Pre-event the engagement revolves around driving Runner Registrations while building anticipation for participating.  Lots of stories about individual runners and groups planning to attend. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are the main Social Media Channels.
  2. At the Reggae Marathon Race Event Weekend, it's about sharing runner experiences at the event.  Photos rule:  Instagram is the primary Social Media Channel followed closely by Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Post-event the engagement continues with runner experiences but broadens to include the total experience of being on holiday in a beach location.  Social Media Channels are fairly balanced between Instrgram, Facebook and Twitter.
The Infographic below mirrors this experience and provides some additional insights into how to make an event truly social:

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