Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Abs, abs and nothing but the abs

Oh, oh...now I've gone and done it.

In a fit of impulsiveness last week I bragged about the indoor workouts I've been doing while recovering from (another) leg injury.  I boasted that pretty soon I'd have Abs to be proud of.  My good friend Larry Savitch called me on it:  "Oh you'll have great abs" he said , "Under a layer of fat unless you reduce your calories and increase your aerobic exercise".

Oops...there go the salty snacks!

To make matters worse, I challenged Larry to an Abs Competition on the beach in Negril at Reggae Marathon December 5.

No I am in really, really deep!

I should explain:  Larry is quite a few years younger than me.  That's not really the issue.  What could cause me to come in second in this two-person competition (a finishing position I am quite familiar with by the way:  Blog post) is that he already has 'Abs of Steel".  Oh, and he spends his days in a gym...professionally as a Trainer.

OK, so he has a 'little' advantage over me.  But heck, since it's my throwdown, and I have 280 days to get in shape, it should be no problem.

There go those salty snacks.

Until next time...

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