Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ugly Shoes are great Winter Running Shoes

Remember Ugly Shoes?  I sure can't.  They most certainly are ugly but surprise, surprise...they are great in the snow! Who would have guessed.

Last summer I bought these Ugly Running Shoes at Marshalls. Now before I get any hate mail or comments, Marshalls is a wonderful store with some great deals on lots of fashionable items. Marshalls however is NOT the place to buy a pair of serious running shoes...even if the prices are ridiculously low.

I confess to a moment of weakness when I saw this pair and purchased immediately after I tried them on in the store.  They didn't look so bad in the store.  Must have been the lighting!  Once home however and paired with my running gear the truth revealed itself: These were ugly running shoes. But I didn't throw them out. Instead I shoved them to the back of a shelf in our store room and forgot about them.

Then a few weeks ago after a particularly slippy run in the snow with my regular Puma's, I went hunting for the Ugly Shoes. Hmmm...I wonder how they'd work in the snow?

I tried them out after last weekend's dump and was very pleasantly surprised with the performance in the sidewalk slop that passes for snow in the City.  Lots of traction...Wow!  I felt more confident running. Plus because they are really ugly I don't mind running in them in the sloppy and salty conditions.  And they don't even retain salt stains!

So despite being very unkind referring to these Ugly Shoes, they are great for running in the snow.  Who knew...!

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