Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where have you run?

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Where have you run?  

I've been very fortunate.  Over the years on both business and personal travel, I've been able to run in some fabulous places.  These are some of my favourite runs:

  • It's been very cold in Toronto since the start of the year.  I mean frigid!  Even with the -20 C windchill factors, it's not the coldest run I've ever been on.  That distinction goes to an early morning run in Regina in February.  The air temperature was -40 C.  There was wind...it blew in from the Rockies one province over and got the effective temperature down to -60 C (that's what I heard on the radio when I got back in).  It wasn't a long run...I made the rookie error of going out with the wind against my back and turned to run into the wind on my return...I barely made it back to the hotel!  
  • There are not a lot of open spaces in Hong Kong.  Correction:  there are no open spaces in Hong Kong on either the Island or Kowloon Side.  Kowloon Park was right outside our hotel. It's a small rectangle tucked amongst roads and high rise buildings.  It's crowded and noisy even early in the morning.  And humid!  I had to run multiple laps to get in any real workouts. I loved it!
  • Everyone in Sydney, Australia loves physical activity.  OK, maybe that's an exaggeration but on Coogie Beach (next beach down the coast from Bondi Beach) I had lots of company running along the beach front and trails that extend north and south of the main beach area.  And what a route:  from the sandy beach up rugged cliff trails, the pounding surf was never far away.  I loved the sunrises!
I've had other great and memorable runs in Paris, France; London, England;  Waikiki, Hawaii;Negril, Jamaica and cities and towns throughout Canada and the US too numerous to mention.  I still have a few destinations to check off the running bucket list including Central Park, Himalayas, Death Valley...

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